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Obesity is a serious problem of our time. It causes serious diseases and serious damage to the health of people. During recent time obesity is mostly caused by the human factors, such as production of junk food, increase of sedentary jobs, usage of different kinds of transport and invention of numerous labour-saving mechanisms and devices. […]


Tuberculosis, or TB, is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  Usually the bacteria attack the lungs; however it can affect any part of the body: brain, spine, and kidney. Without the proper treatment, TB disease can be fatal. Statictics World Health Organization (WHO) repots that nearly two million deaths from TB and about nine […]

Obesity: A problem in the United States

Obesity as an excessive weight of a body is considered to be quite an essential problem in the United States affecting different aspects of people’s life. The problem of an obese people is relevant and timely in the US as American nation is said to be “infected” with obesity while living in one of the […]

Symptoms of Depression

There is no blood test for depression. The diagnosis is based on the reports of sufferers about how they feel and on observations of how they look and behave made by doctors and by people who know them well. John D. was a forty-five-year-old, self-employed, successful businessman when he suddenly initiated negotiations to sell his […]

Is Childhood Obesity Epidemic a Myth?

THE childhood obesity epidemic sweeping the country is a myth, controversial research has claimed. A study by the Democracy Institute, which was published yesterday, argues that there is a dearth of evidence to support claims the UK faces an epidemic of obese and overweight children. And the researchers said there was little evidence to suggest […]

Poor Diets, No Exercise – Obesity: 90 per Cent of the Population Could Be Overweight by 2050.

The levels of obesity are increasing throughout the world particularly in North America and Europe. England has some of the worst figures in Europe and also some of the worst trends in acceleration of obesity. In the majority of European countries numbers have increased between 10 and 40 per cent over the last 10 years, […]

10 Vital Signs Your Doctor Might Miss

SOME MEDICAL CONDITIONS CAN BE MISDIAGNOSED OR COMPLETELY MISSED, SO IT’S VITAL TO KNOW ABOUT MORE UNUSUAL SYMPTOMS 1 Ovarian cancer THERE are 4,000 deaths from ovarian cancer in the UK each year, according to the charity Cancer Research UK. If it’s detected early, survival rates can be up to 80 per cent. But, tragically, […]

Life after phentermine

Doubtless many of the millions of Americans who have been using dexfenfluramine (Redux) or or fenfluramone (Pondimin, better known in combination with phentermine, as fen-phen) to lose weight will regard this week’s withdrawal of both drugs from the market as bad news, indeed. The cloud, however, is not without its silver lining. There were, after […]

Effects of Obesity on Health and Happiness

The medical and social problems identified with obesity can be manifested in many ways. Obesity may decrease longevity, aggravate the onset and clinical progression of maladies, and modify the social or economic quality of life. On the positive side, weight loss can reverse all or most of the disadvantages of obesity. Most of the data […]


Depression is different from sadness. We all get periodically despondent, unhappy, and disheartened over life’s disappointments. After a period of brooding and feeling sorry for ourselves, we usually resume normal function. Depression, however, disables a person. People who are depressed frequently feel worthless, helpless, and guilt ridden. They cannot mobilize the energy, enthusiasm, and concentration […]