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Move over Viagra

Ever since sildenafil (Viagra, Pfizer) hit the market in 1998 as the first oral medication for erectile dysfunction (ED), people have been wondering, “What’s next?” New data presented at a recent meeting of the European Association of Urology demonstrated strong results for two potential new treatments. Bayer AG presented promising data for its investigational phosphodiesterase […]

Black Men and the New Sex Pills

BROTHERS might not want to admit it right away, but Sisters and the doctors who know about these things will tell you in a minute that, despite the dominant myths about Black male sexuality, Black men–like all men–can experience sexual problems brought on by life’s typical stresses, relationship tensions, medical conditions or just plain old […]

Penile Injection

Puncturing one’s penis with a needle is not for the squeamish. Piercing the penis with a needle and then injecting a chemical to enhance one’s sexual potency sounds more like a bizarre, sadomasochistic nightmare from the annals of Krafft-Ebing Psychopathia Sexualis than a doctorrecommended treatment of impotence. Nevertheless, many men, with guidance from their physicians, […]


The initial brouhaha attending the introduction and early years of penile prosthesis surgery has subsided. It is now possible to reflect and cast a sober eye on the role of penile prostheses in the treatment of impotent men. It is clear now that surgical skills alone are not enough to solve the problem of impotence.The […]


Although surgical success rates for some devices now approach 90 to 95 percent, patient satisfaction does not parallel this impressive figure. A major problem is disappointment with postoperative penile length and width. Some men never attempt intercourse after the prosthesis is implanted; others have intercourse for only a brief time and then abandon sexual activities. […]

Penile Implants

For years, men suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction would turn to urologists, surgeons specializing in what were considered to be men’s problems, including urinary difficulties brought on by a large prostate gland, prostate and testicular cancer, and impotence. Focusing on ways to alleviate the mechanical problems of acquiring and maintaining an erection, urologists devised […]


Impotent men with more deeply rooted emotional problems do not benefit from sensate focus therapy. They must come to terms with the seeds of their discontent through short-term or in-depth therapy. Insight therapy involves an exploration of the factors responsible for original and current erectile failure. The man is obliged to reexamine all aspects of […]


The majority of sexually dysfunctional men have secondary impotence, which means that they did engage in sexual activity at one time and were able to acquire and sustain an erection satisfactory for masturbation or intercourse. Then something happened to stifle their natural sexual urges, inhibit erectile capabilities, or meddle with the ejaculatory process. Details of […]


Men with primary impotence have never experienced normal psychosexual maturation, nor have they ever successfully masturbated or engaged in a satisfactory sexual relationship. For many years, primary impotence was believed to be a relatively rare problem. In his Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, Dr. Alfred Kinsey reported that less than 0.4 percent of men […]

Cigarettes and impotence

Heavy cigarette smoking damages the large arteries supplying blood to all areas of the pelvis and limits the amount of blood available for erections. In addition, and perhaps more important, cigarette smoking damages the tiny blood vessels in the penis that must enlarge to accept the substantial onrush of blood expected during the course of […]