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The psychological state of an individual is, to a significant extent, determined by his or her environment. The environment affects an individual and not a single person can avoid the impact of the social environment. At the same time, the environment can have a negative impact on an individual to the extent that it can contribute to the development of such problems as paranoia. In this respect, many African Americans suffer from paranoia. This problem is the result of the impact of the extremely stressful environment which African Americans live in. They get used to the life in the neighborhood where they confront numerous hardships and problems. Often, they have to struggle for their survival but they have little opportunities to change their life for better.

In such a way, African Americans are constantly exposed to the stressful impact of negative factors which are widely-spread in their environment. These stressful factors undermine their psychological state and lead to the development of such serious problems as paranoia. The exposure of African Americans to threats of violent attacks makes them susceptible to the development of inexplicable fear and to the emergence of paranoid ideas. As a result, when stressful factors are accumulated, they undermine the psychological state of an individual and the more stressful the environment is the higher is the risk of the development of paranoia that is the case of many African Americans. At the same time, they have to change their lifestyle and their environment to prevent the development of paranoia, whereas the ongoing life in the extremely stressful environment increases the risk of the development of this problem.

Black America having multiple faces because of black men and having some of the same outlooks towards violence

In actuality, the African American community tends to be more and more diverse. The African American community is changing because members of this community are changing. They change their social status, their level of income, their occupations, but they can hardly change their view on the violence. Paradoxically, violence is one of the major concepts which unites all African Americans and makes them similar not by their look but by their beliefs. In such a way, it is possible to distinguish certain controversies within the African American community because people are different but their attitude to violence is similar. This paradox can be easily explained when the background of the African American is taken into consideration.

To put it more precisely, the overwhelming majority of African Americans grow up in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. From the early childhood, they face violence as an integral part of the life of their community. The violence is caused by objective factors because people are forced to use violence to survive in the community where legal norms do not work. In addition, people living in poverty are forced to commit crimes to earn some money to survive. As a result, African Americans take violence for granted and they believe that violence is a natural part of their life. What is more important, they can hardly imagine the life of the community free of violence because they simply do not have the experience of the life without violence.

Thus, African Americans, regardless of the difference in their social status, professional or educational level, age, or gender have similar views on violence, which is a norm of the life of the African American community.

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