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Move over Viagra

Ever since sildenafil (Viagra, Pfizer) hit the market in 1998 as the first oral medication for erectile dysfunction (ED), people have been wondering, “What’s next?” New data presented at a recent meeting of the European Association of Urology demonstrated strong results for two potential new treatments. Bayer AG presented promising data for its investigational phosphodiesterase […]

Black Men and the New Sex Pills

BROTHERS might not want to admit it right away, but Sisters and the doctors who know about these things will tell you in a minute that, despite the dominant myths about Black male sexuality, Black men–like all men–can experience sexual problems brought on by life’s typical stresses, relationship tensions, medical conditions or just plain old […]

Fake viagra

Email Systems, a company that measures spam emails on the INTERNET, reports that in the first three months of 2005 two in five spam emails were offering drugs for sale. As the volume of spam is now almost 90 per cent of all email sent, that means one out of every three emails sent is […]


The initial brouhaha attending the introduction and early years of penile prosthesis surgery has subsided. It is now possible to reflect and cast a sober eye on the role of penile prostheses in the treatment of impotent men. It is clear now that surgical skills alone are not enough to solve the problem of impotence.The […]

Penile Implants

For years, men suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction would turn to urologists, surgeons specializing in what were considered to be men’s problems, including urinary difficulties brought on by a large prostate gland, prostate and testicular cancer, and impotence. Focusing on ways to alleviate the mechanical problems of acquiring and maintaining an erection, urologists devised […]


The man who has lost confidence in his ability to engage in sexual intercourse because of his preoccupation with his ability to acquire and then sustain an erection and has lapsed into the ritual of “spectatoring” whenever he attempts to make love is an ideal candidate for Viagra. His concerns regarding the durability of his […]


Testosterone! Before Viagra, everybody was talking about testosterone. Newsweek’s cover story on testosterone, coupled with a feature on another male hormone called DHEA, antedated that same weekly magazine’s different, but equally enthusiastic, cover story on Viagra. Both testosterone and DHEA were also featured in prominent stories in the Wall Street Journal, and on the CBS […]


Shortly after Viagra was approved, news of other pills specifically designed to make it easier for men to have erections started to appear in the popular press. The one that seems to have created the greatest buzz was a medication called Vasomax, a pill containing phentolamine. Urologists were very familiar with this medication, for they […]


Eli Lilly Corporation, a pharmaceutical company known for its insulin products, the antidepressant Prozac, and many commonly used medications, has established a joint venture with ICOS Corporation to develop a PDE-5 inhibitor currently known only by the designation IC351. Preliminary reports have been encouraging. Men with mild to moderate impotence took IC351 or a placebo […]


The phenomenal success of Viagra in men has led some to wonder if Viagra would enhance sexual responsiveness in women. Sexuality in women has several components, including desire (libido), arousal, and orgasm. Not all women are equally enthusiastic about sex. For many, inhibited desire is the primary impediment to pleasure, whereas others have normal desire […]