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Depression and Suicide

Every 17.3 minutes someone commits suicide in the United States. According to National Institute of Mental Health statistics, suicide is the ninth leading cause of death in Americans and accounts for more than 30,000 deaths every year. More Americans die of suicide than are victims of homicide. Although most people who become depressed do not […]

Black Men and the New Sex Pills

BROTHERS might not want to admit it right away, but Sisters and the doctors who know about these things will tell you in a minute that, despite the dominant myths about Black male sexuality, Black men–like all men–can experience sexual problems brought on by life’s typical stresses, relationship tensions, medical conditions or just plain old […]


More people are using prescription drugs at a younger age, for more conditions, and for longer periods of time. An aging population and more complicated medical conditions fuel an increase in drug expenditures. Between 1995 and 1998, drug expenditures in the United States more than doubled. In 2001, Americans paid $208 billion for prescription drugs, […]


It Can Stunt Growth, Damage Young Brains and Even Trigger Suicide. Yet Now This Most Controversial Antidepressant Is about to Be Prescribed to Youngsters of Just Eight . . . JAMES was ten when he was first put on the antidepressant Prozac. His mother was an invalid, and after his father left home, the pressure […]

Cocaine and impotence

Cocaine enjoys a reputation as an aphrodisiac. However, substantial evidence is accumulating to indicate that chronic cocaine use, alone or in combination with alcohol, ultimately causes sexual dysfunction. Cocaine alone stimulates secretion of the sexually inhibiting hormone prolactin. Cocaine also causes spasms in arteries; blood flow to the penis cannot be sustained if arterial spasms […]


Sexual side effects have been reported to occur with a wide range of new medications with bewildering frequency and inconsistency. Thus, the appetite-reducing diet medication fenfluramine (Pondimin) has been reported to cause both loss of and inappropriately increased libido in women and impotence in men. The fenfluramine-induced increase in female libido has been reported only […]

Medications, Chemicals, and Sexual Potency

You depend on your own internal body chemistry to remain sexually interested, active, and fertile. Anything that interferes with the transmission of your body’s own internal messages can disrupt your sexual life. External chemicals in the form of prescription medications, alcohol, nicotine, or recreational drugs, alone or collectively, can intrude to disable a man’s sex […]

The Testosterone Renaissance

Testosterone has spawned its own myths and legends. This chapter deals with the role of testosterone in maintaining a man’s health and vitality. The muscle-building properties of testosterone have attracted considerable attention and have created a culture of testosterone abuse. This quintessential male hormone is needed to maintain every man’s sexuality and fertility and is […]

Problems with Testosterone Patch Therapy

To be effective in transferring testosterone from the patch into a man’s bloodstream, patches must remain in close proximity to the skin. The adhesive in the patch usually takes care of this, but the bond between the adhesive and skin breaks down when men sweat. None of the patches are effective when wet. Men who […]


Free Viagra Free Viagra As soon as it became apparent that Viagra was effective and allowed sexually impaired men to enjoy sexual intercourse once again, there was an overwhelming lust for this new medication. Demand for Viagra skyrocketed, and within six months after it had been released and made available in drugstores, Viagra sales exceeded […]