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Tuberculosis, or TB, is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  Usually the bacteria attack the lungs; however it can affect any part of the body: brain, spine, and kidney. Without the proper treatment, TB disease can be fatal. Statictics World Health Organization (WHO) repots that nearly two million deaths from TB and about nine […]

Three People Die in Scotland Every Week Because of Obesity

RECORD numbers of Scots are eating themselves to death as the country’s obesity epidemic spirals out of control. Shocking figures obtained by the Scottish Daily Mail show three people a week die as a result of being dangerously overweight. The number has rocketed by 70 per cent since devolution, according to disturbing statistics compiled by […]

10 Vital Signs Your Doctor Might Miss

SOME MEDICAL CONDITIONS CAN BE MISDIAGNOSED OR COMPLETELY MISSED, SO IT’S VITAL TO KNOW ABOUT MORE UNUSUAL SYMPTOMS 1 Ovarian cancer THERE are 4,000 deaths from ovarian cancer in the UK each year, according to the charity Cancer Research UK. If it’s detected early, survival rates can be up to 80 per cent. But, tragically, […]

Hormones, Impotence, and the Temporal Lobe

Our understanding of the hormonal interplay necessary for normal male sexual function continues to evolve. Medical professionals used to consider the pituitary the master gland, the agent that doled out specific instructions to regulate the function of the other endocrine glands — thyroid, adrenals, and testicles. Twenty years ago, it became clear that the pituitary […]