How to buy Viagra online

Get Viagra online
How to buy viagra online

How to buy viagra online

All that stands between a man’s impotence problems and revived virility Is a credit card, an Internet pharmacy, and a subtly packaged delivery of those famous blue, diamond-shaped pills—right? Not so fast. If you buy Viagra online or by mail order without taking precautions, you could end up with fake Viagra pills that aren’t effective—or safe.


  1. See your doctor first to evaluate possible causes for impotency, check your overall health, assess Viagra a suitability in your case, rule out medication conflicts, and make sure you’re fit for sex. The two of you will discuss possible side effects.
  2. Go to a U.S.-based online pharmacy certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) program and bearing the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (V1PPS) trademark. VIPPS-designated sites are safe because they won’t diagnose online, honor the right to privacy, follow a quality assurance policy and let you talk directly with a pharmacist.
  3. Get assurance of the drug’s authenticity, precise dosage instructions and a list of possible side effects.

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