Fake viagra

Email Systems, a company that measures spam emails on the INTERNET, reports that in the first three months of 2005 two in five spam emails were offering drugs for sale. As the volume of spam is now almost 90 per cent of all email sent, that means one out of every three emails sent is offering you cut-price drugs over the net.

fake viagra

fake viagra

In September 2003, Dr Nic Wilson, a researcher at the University of London, announced to the British Pharmaceutical Conference in Manchester that she had been testing samples of internet-bought it accurately measures the ingredients in each tablet. The result was that half of the pills were lakes. ‘The user runs the risk of poor quality and possible toxicity, not to mention the fact that there is a high probability that the tablets have no clinical effect,’ she told her audience, who probably looked around the room to see who was blushing – Brits being the largest consumers of Viagra in Europe.
It’s comparatively easy to set up a Viagra factory, and some crooks have gone into the business in a big way: an example is 44-year-old Londoner Allen Valentine, convicted in November 2004 at Harrow Crown Court and sentenced to five and a half years in prison for supplying class C drugs. In effect, he was sentenced as if he had been supplying large amounts of cannabis.
His factory in Wembley was more than just a cement mixer: it could create 500,000 tablets a day. On the side, he was also making steroids and anti-stress medication, and a great deal of cash: the day before his arrest in April 2004. he had offered cash for a £1.25 million house and bought a new jeep.
Valentine knew how much people wanted Viagra – he was previously a rep for Viagra’s manufacturer, Pfizer.
The little blue pill is a common find for the drugs squads of Europe, the US and Asia. In January, £1 million of fake Viagra was found in an abandoned car outside Glasgow. ‘It is quite common to recover one or two thousand fake Viagra pills. They are usually found along with Class A drugs like cocaine, heroin and ecstasy,’ said Detective Sergeant Ken Simpson of Strathclyde Drugs Squad.
This is no cottage industry: Richard Widup recalls a case from his time at the FDA: ‘It was over the Christmas holidays 2002, in Southern California…  There were 700,000 counterfeit Viagra.

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