Bipolar disorder

All people from time to time experience the changes of mood, periods of rise and depression. However, there is a form of psychic disorder which is called bipolar disorder (or manic depression) when the ill person experiences all emotions at the ends of emotional spectrum, sudden mood changes and loses the balance, thus being unable to lead a normal life. Those with bipolar disorder experience two types of states: periods of mania – when they are in great mood, have lots of ideas and energy and everything seems possible, and the periods of depression, when life seems empty, the ill person may stay in bed for days and even weeks, not wanting anything and seeing the world in black colors.

The most dangerous thing concerning bipolar disorder is that people suffering from it do not realize the whole fact of illness, and the extent to which the rapid changes of mood impact their life. At mania periods there may happen excess spending, unusual actions, unrealistic beliefs etc. During depression periods there is suicide risk, worsening of physical condition and mental functions etc (Mondimore, 2006).

In case of deep phase of bipolar disorder first help may be via medication: anti-seizure substances, mood regulators, antidepressants etc. However, medications should be prescribed correctly for patients with bipolar disorder, since they may deepen the effects of mania or depression (Johnson & Leahy, 2005). The complexity of the problem is increased by the variety of symptoms and variety of reactions of ill people.

Psychotherapy is a powerful tool which allows to work with causes of the disorder rather than eliminate consequences. However, the most important thing in helping bipolar people is self-treatment. Walking and art are well-known means to mild the effects of the disorder; reading, proper diet and day regimes, as well as socializing are recommended for bipolar people. Watching TV, playing video games and spending a lot of time near computers is not recommended, because these activities are deepening the effects of disorder (Miklowitz, 2002).

Also, the relatives and close people need to provide love and understanding for bipolar people, since social contacts and support are very important in both phases. In general, this disorder can be cured and in case of proper treatment life of bipolar people can be normalized.

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